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Act Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Agreement

(d) there is a private insolvency agreement with the person`s creditors under bankruptcy law; or (2) The President of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation may not hold any paid employment outside his or her duties without the written consent of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation Board. (c) in a case where, under agreements with landowners, the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation engages in or engages in administrative activities directly involving the country`s owners. (d) a stewardship agreement under paragraph (c); or in the CONSIDERANT that the Australian people voted overwhelmingly in favour of amending the Constitution so that the Australian Parliament could pass special laws for the peoples of the Aboriginal race; (b) associates with paid employment outside of its office, except with the agreement of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation Board; (7) The Minister may enter into an agreement with Aboriginal Hostels Limited on behalf of the Commonwealth. (a) to engage in or engage in Aboriginal land management activities under agreements with landowners; (d) enter into an agreement to grant a Section 142GA grant or loan to the State of Queensland or to a state authority (including a local government authority); 4. A reference in this section to an agreement with the owner of Aboriginal lands refers to an agreement with the licensee if one or more other persons are parties to the agreement. (1 bis) Paragraph 1, point (c), does not authorize indigenous Land and Sea Corporation to conduct management activity on certain indigenous lands that do not agree with the owner of the country. 3. TSRA may acquire, by mutual agreement, an interest in real estate or personal property for the grant under this section. (i) on request or with the agreement of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, but not otherwise, to collect and publish statistical information on Torres Strait Islanders and Torres Strait Aborigines; (b) pursue a policy of granting funds or granting loans only if Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation considers that other approaches (such as guaranteeing external loans or carrying out administrative activities under an agreement with indigenous landowners) are not feasible; Royalty refers to a royalty created in any way that includes a mortgage and a contract to deposit or execute a tax or mortgage, whether on request or otherwise. (e) to enter into an agreement with a state or territory (with an agreement other than an agreement covered at point d). (9) An agreement between the Commonwealth and Aboriginal Hostels Limited, which was in effect immediately prior to the start of this subsection, is accepted under the subsection (7). 1.

The Minister may, with the agreement of the TSRA, terminate the appointment of the Chairman of the TSRA Board of Directors for incompetence, misconduct or physical or mental incompetence.


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