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Booking.com Affiliate Agreement

For me, organizing a travel blog meant that participating in a hotel affiliate program was not a pipe dream. It was an obvious way to easily earn passive income. But what made me choose the affiliate program Booking.com compared to anyone else?! Suppose someone pays $200 for a stay in a B-B. Booking.com get 20%, so they make 40 bucks. Of the $40, you will receive 25%, which means you will get $10. Is that a lot? Isn`t that enough? It`s fair for you to say, but the fact is that the affiliate commission Booking.com is better than that of other similar programs. Now we`ll also tell how influencers and websites can join the affiliate program and benefit from the promotion Booking.com. Although it`s not yet my most deserving affiliate program, I earn a decent commission every month ($500 in August) and now that I know what strategy is working, you can be sure that I`m replicating this strategy with new articles and applying it to all my most powerful contributions and plans to push my constant electricity into a bubbling cascade! We have an extensive network of more than 12,500 affiliates who benefit from aligning their brand with the world`s leading online hosting booking company. I hope you feel more confident right now when you approach via affiliate links to convert hotel sales into your items. Please let me know how you come in the comments below! Travelpayouts is a global network.

We bring together partners from Europe, the United States, Brazil, India and 50 countries. The Booking.com affiliate program offers 25% commissions to its related companies, but it could be confusing for distributors who have not read so-called “small print.” You don`t really earn 25% of the value of a reservation. We only work with serious travel affiliate programs. In addition, there are several plugins for WordPress sites that you can use if you are a booking affiliate distributor. Booking.com affiliates can earn a commission on bookings, but also for owners who create offers via the Booking.com via their link. I keep hearing bloggers complain about adding affiliate links to hotels, but nothing happens. No sales. Nada.

Grilling. In particular, the booking affiliate program seems to have a bad representative. You`ve learned that Booking.com affiliate incomes aren`t that high, so is it possible to earn $1000 a month? The program is easy to use and is also suitable for beginner affiliate marketers. Booking.com offers Booking.com affiliate banners in six different sizes in different designs. It goes without saying that the Booking.com affiliate program creates deep connections. You can link to almost anything. In addition to specific characteristics, also to regions, cities, tourist sites and more. On the other hand, there are affiliated distributors who feel that the program would be better if commission rates were also higher. But it all depends on your conversion rate, how good your content is and how much traffic you get. And of course, no one can predict when the next pandemic will occur.

If you prefer to stay in Airbnbs, you can install ski links on your blog. While Airbnb does not have a direct affiliate program, Skimlinks will turn all Airbnb links into affiliate links through their program and earn you about $0.06 per click. It may not sound like much, but it`s around $60 per 1000 clicks. If the inspiring search field is the most functional widget Booking.com recommends, it means that Booking.com affiliates make the most money by promoting the most popular destinations in some countries.


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