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Ccp Membership Agreement

BD: It is not surprising that those who have joined the post-Mao era and have the most reason to say that they consider party membership to be useful for their careers do not have a particularly strong ideological commitment. By controlling for education, gender, income, ethnicity, and country city status, our polls showed that these younger cohorts of CCP members had a level of regime support that was not statistically different from non-partisan, including others in their cohort. This material incentive to join the party has given rise to questions about parpartitoyality. When Xi Jinping became general secretary of the CPC in 2013, the pace of admission of new members slowed considerably. Party membership grew by about 1 percent a year because Xi thought too many people who weren`t necessarily loyal to the party set up. Earlier this month, the Trump administration reportedly considered banning travel by members of the Chinese Communist Party.


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