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Revenue Sharing Agreement Pdf

Decide who should pay the financial cost of transmitting the data. Will the two parties share the costs? What is the cost of data exchange? The agreement should clarify these issues in order to avoid conflict and confusion in the future. There are many ways to make recordings available to other researchers. One option is to transfer your data to a repository so that researchers can find it. A repository can provide full or restricted access to secondary users. If there are restrictions in the sharing agreement, researchers should read the terms and conditions and sign a written agreement. Another way to provide data is through the use of university websites, repositories, school districts and public authorities. A list of the basics should be included in a data exchange contract. Below are the steps in developing a data exchange agreement, as well as the basis it should be processed. Researchers should consider granting access to valuable data to full or limited access. This is essential if organizations and schools want to access data for a study, but the process must be done according to data sharing procedures. If a researcher is unable to access their data, their data management plan should indicate a compelling reason to do so.

A DMP must clearly define human resources obligations for the creation, documentation, maintenance and support of data access. The obligations of those involved in data transfer should be defined and described. These tasks may include creating, managing and updating data. Note that regular data update is important for project continuity in the event of a staff member`s departure. It is also important to identify the software and hardware to be used for data sharing and management. The cost of accessing data must be part of the grant budget. These expenses can be used for data preparation, documentation and storage. The reason for each expense paid must be included in the “subsidy application budget.” FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement constitutes the full understanding of the parties and replaces all previous written or oral agreements relating to the purpose of this issue. For data protection reasons, the agreement should define the methods the user will use for data security.

Hardware data must be locked in a cabinet or private room and software data must have a secure password to protect it. Who has full access to the recipient`s setting and who has limited access to the data? Also determine the data transfer process between the data provider and the data user. How does the provider transfer data? Will it be digital or physical? Is the data converted to code before transmission? To protect valuable data, confidentiality and safeguard clauses are essential.


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