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Vale Voisey`s Bay Collective Agreement

According to Bussey, if an agreement is not reached, IT is possible that the ETC workers at Voisey`s Bay will go on strike in early July. Vale and USW Local 9508, which represent 250 Voisey`s Bay employees, have been negotiating a new deal since February, but the two sides have found virtually nothing, according to Bussey. “We prefer to discuss these issues directly with the union, unlike the media, which is why we are very interested in coming back to the table and working with them to reach a new agreement,” the spokesman said in a written statement, etc. For now, Bussey says, Vale controls its own disciplinary policy and the union is not satisfied with its use. Negotiations between the United Steel Workers union and Vale for a new collective agreement for Voisey`s Bay companies have failed and could lead to a strike this summer, according to an ETC spokesperson. First agreement for YUL bar and restaurant employees… The union says there are a lot of issues on the table that they want to resolve before they even start negotiations on the monetary side of a new agreement. Vale declined to be asked about the negotiations and said they preferred not to use the media to talk about the collective bargaining process. “The last collective agreement expired on March 31 and we were determined to stay at the negotiating table to negotiate a new contract. But there have been no meaningful negotiations and it appears that the company prefers a more confrontational approach,” Bussey said. Talks broke down despite the appointment of a country arbitrator to try to assist in the negotiations. The conciliator will now submit a report to the province`s Minister of Labour, which will lead the parties to a legal strike/lockout position in the coming weeks. Other themes for the CTE are sick pay and the salary premium formula, among others.

“We started negotiations in February and we still haven`t been able to get the company to negotiate seriously one of the key issues,” said Boyd Bussey, USW staff representative. “We are very disappointed with the company`s approach so far, which only scuttles the objective of a conflicting settlement,” Bussey said. The union wants a system in which workers are notified orally and in writing of their offences before being suspended from work. “No one wants to go on strike… These outstanding issues do not appear to pose any problems that should lead to a strike. “The opening of sensible negotiations would demonstrate Vale`s real commitment to go beyond its damaged history of labour relations at Voisey`s Bay,” Warren said. HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY, NL, May 16, 2019 /CNW/ – The United Steelworkers (ETC) union is disappointed by multinational giant Vale`s refusal to enter into serious negotiations with workers at the Voisey`s Bay mining company in Labrador, leading to the failure of contract negotiations. “We are waiting for the (provincial) conciliation officer to decide whether or not to write his report… We would then be able to hold a legal strike vote 15 days after receiving the report,” said Boyd Bussey, ETC staff representative.


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