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Voice Acting Agreement

The license covers the rights to use your language recording, including the medium on which your voice is listened to and the length of time it lasts to use the speech recording. For example, voice recordings broadcast for a standard duration of 13 weeks as part of a local radio or television spot require a licence other than a voice recording, used in an internet display that has a global reach and can last much longer. When you start a business relationship with a customer, all expectations, clauses and obligations must be understood and confirmed in a written agreement before you begin registration. These include confirming irregular debates, counting words, receiving the final draft of the script and costing revisions if necessary. In beginner`s Guide to Voice Acting, we explained the importance of encouraging clear and open communication with customers to ensure that you are on the same page regarding the expectations of a particular project. We have considered the possibility that you may be invited to sign a confidentiality agreement, also known as NOA, which involves not disclosing certain information about your work on a project, whether for a fixed period of time or forever. NDAs are just one of many chords that you can experience in the voice world when a client has hired you for a job and needs to make sure you are looking at the final results. In particular, the 2017 Interactive Media Agreement, now extended to the next two years, is the document that ended a major strike of votes in 2017. Here you`ll find an overview of the main types of chords that can occur as a synchronous speaker. A few months ago, a SFWA member put on a synchronous speaker to produce an audiobook, but could not find any contractual advice. The actor was a member of screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), but even the Union did not have a typical contract for the situation. The SFWA Legal Fund provided a grant to the member to obtain legal advice.


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