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World Bank Grant Agreement

The Monthly Operational Summary (MOS) outlines the status of projects while in the World Bank`s credit pipeline. Projects appear in the MOS from the point where they are identified until the signing of the loan or credit agreement. Once the loans or credits are signed, the registrations for the projects will be extracted from the MOS. 5 deleted. Project implementation usually begins after the loan, loan or grant has been declared effective, which can normally take a few months after signing. Contractors and suppliers should therefore turn to borrowers who express interest in certain projects. They should be provided with information about the goods and services they need, when and how they submit offers and proposals. During implementation, consultants are often assigned to technical assistance and other project implementation assistance. Since consulting contracts are generally not tendered, consultants, in particular, should contact the appropriate implementation agency at an early stage of the project preparation phase to express their interest. “U” (unclassified) indicates that the project is a development loan, loan or grant. No category is assigned to this type of project, as it is not covered by the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive. 4.

During negotiations, discussions take place between the Bank and the borrower and the agreements reached are included in the loan, credit or financial assistance documents. At the end of the negotiations, the project will be submitted for review by the Bank`s Executive Directors. After approval, the loan, credit or grant contract is signed. The opportunities available to borrowing countries through their implementation agencies are entirely responsible for the design and implementation of World Bank-funded projects, including the recruitment of consultants and the purchase of goods and works. Advice contracts and certain contracts for goods and works are usually obtained during the execution, but can also be obtained before the credit/credit/subsidy authorization (pre-order). For more information on the buying process, see Look for business opportunities. The MOS reports the status of projects in the World Bank pipeline – from the date of the identification of investment opportunities to the signing of the loan, loan or grant. After signing credits, credits or grants, registrations are removed from the MOS.

Entries are also removed from the MOS if projects are removed from the Bank`s credit program prior to approval. Project descriptions for each edition of the MOS include the environmental category A, B, C or FI, except for loans, credits and grants called “U” as part of the development policy. The UN Development Business website is developed by the United Nations and provides information on business opportunities generated by the World Bank, regional development banks and other development agencies. The monthly operational summary is also published. UN Development Business is available online by subscription. For more information, please contact the United Nations Development Liaison Office at (202) 458-2397 or by email: dbhelp@worldbank.org. The 1991 revision also introduced the use of a standard environmental data sheet for all projects to identify key issues and the timing of the necessary environmental analysis. Project ID, a unique bank control number for each project, appears in the MOS when the project information document is available at InfoShop National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation, Workshop Road and Commercial Street, PO Box 30173, Nairobi, Kenya, tel. (254-2) 556-600, Fax: (254-2) 545-882, E-mail: acnjki@cbs.go.ke, Contact: Mr. Andrew Roberts, Manager Name, Address, Telephone, Fax, Email Address and Contact Person`s name and title of the enforcement agency Contact In October 1991, the Bank reviewed its policies and procedures so that projects would now be assigned to one of the following categories due to the nature, size and d


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