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Using MetaWebLog with PHP-XMLRPC

Due to the fact that there is virtually no documentation available on how to get the MetaWebLog API working with the PHP-XMLRPC library, I decided to write this post. The MetaWebLog API is an application programming interface that allows data to be passed from a client to a server, and vice versa. It is used by all of the most popular blogging software, allowing the user to post blog entries from software like Microsoft Word or Windows Live Writer.

If you want to add MetaWebLog functionality to your custom blog or CMS, then this post will really help you. First off, download the PHP-XMLRPC library and upload the three files – xmlrpc.inc, xmlrpcs.inc, xmlrpc_wrappers.inc – found within the lib folder to your web server.

With that done, you can now start implementing the MetaWebLog functions. The first one you’ll need to implement is blogger.getUsersBlogs, otherwise software like Microsoft Word won’t recognise it as a valid MetaWebLog implementation. With that done, you can then start working on the functions that you might need to use.

To debug your code, make sure you take advantage of the XMLRPC debugger. And for more information on what each function is supposed to accept and return, check out Microsoft’s MSDN.

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