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Agricultural Tenancy Agreement Philippines

S. 42. Owner-owner and tenant-tenant, defined. Any individual or corporation, whether a landlord, tenant, usufruitier or rightful owner of farmland, renting, leasing or leasing farmland for agricultural purposes and at a specified or safe price in the form of money or proceeds on other land, is designated as landlord-owner; any person who, with the consent of the former, tills, manages or operates, who is vulnerable to cultivation by a person, personally or with the help of a labour force from his own immediate farm household, is a tenant-tenant. SECTION 20. Use of weights and official measures.-All transactions between the landowner and the tenant with respect to agricultural products use the government`s weights and official measures. In an agricultural lease agreement, the agricultural landlord, who is either owner, civil tenant, usufruitier or rightful owner, leases or grants the cultivation and use of his land to another, the so-called agricultural tenant, at a price that is in cash or in the form of products or both. The definition and elements of a lease are almost identical to those of the stock lease. [13] However, unlike the latter, an agricultural lease is not extinguished by the mere end of the term or duration of the lease, or by the sale, disposal or transfer of the legitimate ownership of the property. Section 10 of Republic Act No. 3844. 3. Defined farm rent.

– Agricultural rent is the physical possession of land devoted to agriculture, which is used in another agriculture or is obsessed with the work of the former and members of his immediate household, since the former agrees to share the harvest with it or to pay a price that has determined or perceptible prices. , either in production or in silver or in both. (m) Fair value is a sum of money that does not exceed the permitted depreciation, plus six per cent interest per year on the investment calculated at their market value: however, the fair value required to produce the crop for working animals and operating equipment must not exceed 5% of the gross harvest for the animal or animals and 5% for the appliances. And provided that the rent for combined services does not exceed 10 per cent when a tractor or force and the necessary equipment are used interchangeably with working animals in the same farm in the same establishment. 11. Freedom to enter into contracts in general. – The owner of the land and the tenant are free to enter into any type of tenancy, unless they are contrary to the law, morality or public order. To the extent that this contract, if abbreviated and recorded in the following paragraphs, is conclusive evidence of what has been agreed between the contracting parties if it has not been denounced or challenged within thirty days of its registration, if it is reduced to the letter and registered as below.

These rights, under Act 3844 – to prevent the sale of land, in exchange for land ownership sold without his knowledge and to obtain compensation for indomtrialization when the land is processed for non-agricultural purposes – remain available to the agricultural tenant.


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