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App Store Developer Agreement

“To create new apps and transfer binary files to the iOS and Mac app stores, the user who acts as a team agent must verify and accept this agreement in the Member Center.” Has anyone else found a solution? I`m in the dark and Apple`s support was useless. I can`t find this new license agreement in my account. The link sent to me in the Anse-Mail led me only to my account home page. In the “Ask for Changes” section, you`ll see the “Ask for Changes” button. Just click on it and then you browse to another screen where you have to click on the boxes and accept the deal. Every time they update their legal agreement, we have the same problem! If you`re the one who accepted the first day, you`re stuck. You have to wait a few days and call the support if this is not automatically corrected. Good luck! Where should I sail to accept the deal? The only place I can find is your account – licensing agreements, but they are just a PDF file and there is no more b I try to accept the agreement, but there is no clear way to do so. Can you try it now? This was corrected as soon as you agreed to the terms for the first time. The same thing here, contacts firmly. If they answer, be surprised. Sometimes I hate the apple. Hello world! I`ve found a solution.

In addition to the Member Center, you need to go to iTunesconnect at “Agreements, Taxes and Banking” and see above a line with your address and some information. There is also a “Changes” button. There is no word from “Schedule 2” or “Schedule 3.” You have to click on these “Amandments” and accepting. After that, everything will be fine. For some reason, I didn`t expect it to be behind these “almonds,” so I hope it might help someone else. If you don`t have “agreements, taxes and banks” in iTunesConnect, you`ll need a user with the “Right” role. I also face the same problem. tries to send an error, but they are closed until the 15th.

Come to Apple! Why make it difficult!! I always get the message to accept a new user aggrement, and I did!!! I just want to test something. I wouldn`t even let that happen!? It`s boring! I have this problem, too. I have nowhere to find a modified or new contract! Right now, it`s happening to me. How did you make it work?.


Deepak Kamboj

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