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George Brown College Collective Agreement

The collective agreement should be used as a legally binding document for research on issues relating to workers` rights and responsibilities. Please note that the College`s guidelines and procedures do not follow the collective agreement. All of us from opsEU Local 556 welcome you to George Brown College. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your work here at the university. As partial Serge Load register reels, we will create a FAQ to answer the most common questions and problems. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the partial charge register, please contact: labourrelations@georgebrown.ca. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Local 556 to discuss your particular situation. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation to your active George Brown email. This email also confirms the courses you have taught. The Local has approximately 2,300 members who perform a variety of functions that support the learning of George Brown College students and staff. Local 557 members provide a supportive environment in which students can learn. We are a local compound representing 4 locals:1) Support staff – Includes all kinds of workers who interact and facilitate training for the daily lives of our students while learning and vegetating into a productive member of the company.2) Top-Notch – cleaning agents working on the water and Casa-Loma and 500 MacPherson Ave.

3) Student Association – St. James Workers, Casa Loma – Waterfront Campus. “Are obliged to engage each other in the fight for student rights, seeking quality education and providing services in a safe, accessible and fair environment to support”4) Part-time support staff To register, click the button below, where you are invited to enter your name and staff ID: Some of the roles of OPSEU Local 557 are: Registration and admission, Student Support Services Functions, Field Placement, Systems Supports, Financial Aid, Payroll and Human Resources, Academic Supports, for Assistance persons with disabilities, Early Childhood Education, Accounting and Finance, Technical Supports, Facility Supports including caretaking, receiving and maintenance, Library and computer labs, Online and Distance Learning, Research and Innovation, Campus Stores, Clinical Supports , Office Supports, Advising and Career Counseling , Marketing and Communication, Personal Entwicklung, Gesundheit und Sicherheit Continuing Education Support, Student Association, Top Notch Caretakers and Teilzeit-Support-Mitarbeiter.Es gives many different jobs in these roles and the university would not work, without the important work of support staff and members of OPSEU Local 557. Links: Marilou Martin Right: Local President: Megan Carter Member`s Manuals (Quick Reference / Companion to Collective Agreement) In order to take into account the priority for partial interventions in the following calendar year, the currently and previously employed partial load faculties must declare their interest in learning each year until October 30. Below is a short checklist that will help you improve the fluidity of your start-up at George Brown College: The university collective agreement can give partial faculties who have taught a particular course in a department or school to reseed this course, unless there has been a significant course change. The collective agreement provides you with the information you need about working on a unionized job. The Members` Manual is a short document that answers daily questions.


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