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Helsinki Agreements 1975

consider favourably, in appropriate cases, the conclusion of specific bilateral agreements on various issues of mutual interest in the areas of trade and industrial cooperation, in particular with a view to avoiding double taxation and facilitating profit shifting and the repatriation of the value of invested assets. consider that the problems posed bilaterally by the migration of workers to Europe and between the participating States should be solved by the parties directly concerned in order to resolve these problems in their mutual interest, taking into account the concern of each State concerned, the needs arising from its socio-economic situation; to take due account; Recalling the obligation of each State to respect the bilateral and multilateral agreements to which it is a party, and having as its objective the facilitation of industrial cooperation through intergovernmental and bilateral and multilateral agreements between the parties concerned, The Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 1 August 1975, 14 I.L.M 1292. Notes the importance of bilateral and multilateral agreements between States and others for the development of long-term trade; – the promotion of a more precise assessment of the problems of comparison and equivalence of diplomas and diplomas by promoting the exchange of information on the organisation, duration and content of studies, the comparison of methods of assessment of university knowledge and qualifications and, as far as possible, the mutual recognition of diplomas and diplomas, either through government agreements; where appropriate, direct agreements between universities and other higher education and research institutions; While Richard M.. . . . .


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