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Iad Interstate Agreement On Detainers

Party States note that insecurity against a prisoner, a prisoner based on unproven accusations, information or complaints, and difficulties in expediting the trial of persons already detained in other jurisdictions create uncertainties that hamper prisoners` treatment and rehabilitation programmes. Accordingly, it is the policy of States Parties and the purpose of this Convention to promote the expeditous and orderly ordering of such charges and the determination of the correct status of all prisoners on the basis of unfounded accusations, information or complaints. States parties further note that proceedings relating to such charges and detentions, when they come from another jurisdiction, cannot be properly conducted without a cooperative procedure. The purpose of this Agreement is to provide for such cooperation procedures. Each State Party to this Convention shall designate an official who, in collaboration with similar officials of other States Parties, shall adopt rules and rules to more effectively implement the conditions and provisions of this Convention and shall provide, within and outside the State, the information necessary for the effective implementation of this Agreement. The Attorney General is authorized and authorized to designate officials who, in accordance with the provisions of Article VII of the Agreement, are central administrators and information officers of the Prisoners Agreement. (e) Any request for a final injunction from a prisoner in accordance with subparagraph (a) shall also be considered as a waiver of extradition in respect of a charge or proceeding contemplated or contained in that paragraph, and as a waiver of extradition to the receiving State to serve a sentence imposed on it; at the end of his sentence in the sending State. The request for a final decision shall also constitute the prisoner`s consent to the display of his body before any court where his presence may be necessary to achieve the objectives of this Agreement and an additional agreement for voluntary return to the original place of detention, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. Nothing in this paragraph precludes the imposition of a simultaneous sentence if permitted by law. (d) Any request or final decision of a prisoner referred to in point (a) of this article shall serve as a request for a final decision on all unproven accusations, information or complaints on the basis of which prisoners have been filed against the prisoner of the State whose law enforcement officer is specifically addressed to the application for a final injunction. The supervisor, the prison officer or other officers in the custody of the prisoner shall immediately inform all competent officers and courts in the various jurisdictions of the State to which the prisoner`s request for a final decision is addressed.

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