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Jlg Loan Agreement Format

“Joint Liability Group” (JLG) means and comprises as an informal group of 4 to 10 people, but may, in special circumstances, be up to 20 members who unite for a particular purpose, including to mobilize institutional funding under joint responsibility in the form of mutual commitments/joint guarantees and/or multiple personal guarantees. JLGs can be made up mainly of tenants and small farmers who cultivate land without having the right title of their country/rural entrepreneurs who carry out non-agricultural activities. JLG members are expected to engage in economic activities similar to those of plant cultivation. The management of the JLG must be kept simple, with little or no financial management within the group. JLG members can also serve as a technology transfer channel and facilitate common access to market information. for training and technology dissemination in activities such as soil survey, training, health camps and input needs assessment. JLG consists of an informal group of 4 to 10 people (max. 20) working in similar shops/professions set up with the aim of resorting to loans through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee. JLGs generally consist of: the debt certificate and the declaration of commitment, which are executed individually by the mutual guarantors, form part of this agreement. Model A Simple credit application is filed by the JLG with the bank. JLG members are entitled to a bank loan after the Bank has verified each member`s registration information. 7.

We undertake to be guarantors of the loan granted to each of us. . . .


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