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Learning Agreement Euba

The study stay may be extended by another semester, but only if it is extended from the winter semester to the summer, as it is a year of study. It is not possible to extend the stay from summer to winter. In this case, the student must participate again in the competition and be reappointed by his or her original faculty for the next academic year. However, the extension must be agreed by both the host faculty and the recipient body, and the scholarship contribution for the next semester will only be granted to students if the Department of International Mobility remains available to the Ministry of International Mobility. By default, a student must financially cover the next semester on his own resources. If the study period is extended, the student must again consult the faculty of sending on the release of the study and the approval of the apprenticeship agreement. You must also have travel insurance for the duration of the stay. In addition, the request for an extension must be sent in advance to the WMO. The above documents must be submitted incoming@euba.sk before the application deadline. You can download the application form here. PhD students who wish to carry out part of their research activities abroad are advised to contact foreign teachers and request follow-up of their research. The application for study is followed by students who confirm the foreign coach`s agreement for their orientation. In addition, the student is required to take the online language test (the student receives an invitation to take the online language test via the OLS portal).

2. Who can complete Erasmus Mobility? 14. How many subjects do I need to follow at the reception facility? . 6. What is the minimum and maximum length of study stay? Can I participate in Erasmus studies several times? 12.6.2020 came into force, within the following deadline, a communication from the European Commission regulating certain aspects of the implementation of virtual and mixed mobility within the framework of Erasmus: the obligations of students designated before leaving for mobility. The EU`s higher education policy aims to support reforms of higher education systems in Member States in order to achieve greater coherence and better meet the needs of the knowledge society. Reforms are needed to meet the challenges of globalisation and to train and recycle the workforce in Europe. The reforms should enable educational institutions to play a decisive role in a Knowledge Europe and to make a significant contribution to supporting the EU`s strategy, in particular one of its main objectives, namely to increase to 40% by 2020 the proportion of people aged 30 to 34 who have attained (or assimilated) higher education. Among the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy, the most important for higher education policy are: Youth on the Move, the New Skills for New Jobs programme and the Innovation Europe initiative. The contribution will be made by the student on his behalf at least one week before the start of mobility, but only if all the required formalities, including the signed contract, are completed on that date.

In the event of an early return of mobility, it is the student`s responsibility to inform in writing in advance the coordinator of the International Mobility Department (WMO) and the coordinator of the competent faculty.


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