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Marstons Retail Agreement

I have been in the marston trade for 8 years and I agree that they are the best to work. And yes, the bar is as good as the person who operates it. If you worked for Marstons before running a bar with set goals, and in general, your salary budget is less than or equal to 18% if I have to work my salary in our catch of 1.5%, or 19.5% based on our sales. The way people can`t live on 22% is beyond me, make your taxes fair, etc., but I can make my salaries less than they budget me, I just choose to use them or lose them next year! I also pay the communal tax on my salary so that this is not a problem. The ruling states that a plumber who has only worked for one company, Pimlico Plumbers, is entitled to workers` rights, dethough he is registered for VAT and is treated fiscally as self-employed. The important point seems to be that it was indeed linked to an organization that provided all its work. To think. As a former Marston`s retailer, I would like to add my own opinion on this. I spent three years in the retail contract, and it was a good proposal first. We had a small bar that could operate with skeletal staff, with the woman and I doing most of the work, and for about 18 months everything was rosy. We got a reasonable budget from Marstons for entertainment, we had a bit of “refresh” of the pub (new color and a bit of new furniture). Our BDM has been very forgiving in letting us “spend and claim” to defeat us.

We built the bar for the first 18 months and got a good yield. Paying only for our car, food, phones and national communal tax and our share of VAT has always given us a decent standard of living. Yes, we worked hard, yes, we worked for a long time, but we always did it in the bars we operated. But we still had some money to put in the bank every week. We were happy with Marston`s, and the Marstons were more than happy with us. BUT. As the pub got more and more lively, we had to accommodate more staff (own expense). When the food trade grew, we needed a cook to help on weekends.

It doesn`t matter. But it made up in our catch. But (as our BDM told us), it was “speculation to accumulate.” And that`s what happened. Our money has increased, but also the payroll. But we were still quite happy. Then came the absolute killer. A competing pub lowered the price of its menu and drinks….


Deepak Kamboj

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