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Norway Style Agreement

Some Eurosceptics are in favour of a Brexit and a Norwegian-style relationship with the EU. We consider six key issues on this model Supporters of a Norwegian-style Brexit say it could win the support of Brexit MEPs, since it is about leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy, as well as the competence of the European Court of Justice. There is also technically an “emergency brake” on the freedom of movement that it can pull in extreme circumstances. The Brexit deal explains what the 585-page draft of the deal on immigration, the economy and Northern Ireland means a “No Deal” Brexit does what it says on the box. This means that the UK and the EU would not be able to reach an agreement and there would be no transition period (or “transposition period”). She was ruled out because she did not tick Theresa May`s box for the kind of Brexit she wants: she has promised to remove Britain from the single market and customs union. British MPs are pushing forward the idea of a short-term deal with the Norwegian name, including a form of temporary customs union with the EU, as a kind of stand-off agreement until the UK and EU conclude their own trade deal and avoid a chaotic non-deal scenario if the current draft agreement is gratified by Parliament. However, it is not certain that other EEA or EU members would consider such a transitional solution or what could be negotiated before the UK`s withdrawal date. To make matters even more complicated, Switzerland has decided not to join the EEA and is instead relying on a series of complex agreements with the EU. The internal market is the free movement of people, goods and services. A customs union is the trade and fiscal agreement of a bloc – normally free trade within members with fixed export tariffs with third parties The agreement on the Norwegian model would help to resolve the issue of the Irish border, because, as Mr Boles suggested, the UK could remain in an agreement on the Norwegian model until the final trade agreement between the UK and the EU is concluded which would render the controversial case obsolete.

Norway has a large fishing and agricultural industry and has its own policy in these sectors by not being part of the EU`s Common Fisheries Policy or Common Agricultural Policy. Similar regulation for the United Kingdom would attract London`s approach, as it would be able to define its own policy in these important sectors. Norway can negotiate trade agreements with other countries around the world, which would attract the attention of Brexit supporters, and has concluded such agreements as a group with other EFTA countries. A Norwegian-style deal would mean the UK would not be tried by the European Court of Justice, another issue for the land of Brexit. Added to that is the issue of customs. For a Norwegian model to solve the Irish border problem, an add-on of the customs union would be needed.


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