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Serbia Kosovo Agreement Explained

All previous agreements have been packaged as agreements between Serbia and some external players – the UN or the EU – as substitutes for Kosovo. This is the first high-level agreement between the two states and shows that Serbia can treat Kosovo equally. It is a kind of de facto recognition of Kosovo, and it may be its greatest long-term importance. Whatever happens, it is now easier to imagine that Serbia will one day formally recognize the independence of its former province. Nevertheless, the thaw in relations between Belgrade and Pristina remains fragile and easy to reverse. The two capitals should make improving bilateral relations a priority and not let the lingering disputes over northern Kosovo hinder them. Improving relations between states is far more important than the administrative details that govern the North. As part of the agreements, Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to join the schengen mini-zone. [11] And it seems that the agreement between that country and Kosovo, signed on 4 September at the White House in the presence of US President Donald Trump and hailed as an important contribution to the stability of the Western Balkans, will not change anything. Thirdly, Kosovo`s agreement on membership of the “mini-Schengen zone” has no practical value. On the formal level, there is no unity like the “schengen mini-zone” – it is something fictitious. The so-called “Schengen mini-zone” means nothing more than rhetorical support from Albania, Northern Macedonia and Serbian leaders (who met three times in Novi Sad, Ohrid and Durres between October and December 2019) to develop plans that would facilitate cross-border travel and merchandise exchanges between the countries concerned. Therefore, if no concrete steps are taken to formalize such cooperation plans, Kosovo`s commitment to join the “mini-Schengen zone” will not bring much water to the normalization of its economic relations with Serbia.

“It is therefore necessary to address this problem through a process independent of the process of obtaining a comprehensive standardization agreement,” he told BIRN. Serbian leaders have signed an agreement in Washington to promote the realization of the so-called “Serbian world,” which risks opening the Pandora`s box throughout the Western Balkans region, writes Filip Milaéi. The very title of the agreement is misleading: supposedly on the “normalization of relations”, the first twelve points of the fifteen points of the agreement are rather on the management of the northern region of Kosovo controlled by the heir.


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