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Sota Program Participant Agreement Form

SOTA will only be made available to households that DSS has found would likely be able to pay the rent in the future as soon as they no longer have the SOTA subsidy to cover their rent. Households must have recurring income from employment, SSI or SSD benefits and rent that does not exceed 50% of this current income. Tenants can call the SOTA hotline if they are facing a shortfall or reduced income and need a recommendation for services. If the tenant is in NYC, they can turn to the local homebase program or the HRA Employment Center for assistance. As a last resort, if there is no other viable housing, an individual or family can apply for housing again after the end of their 12 months of participation in the SOTA program. To date, only a very small number of individuals or families have done so. On Tuesday, a spokesman for the town hall confirmed that from February 1, rental companies participating in the SOTA program will instead be paid every month. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A big change is adding to a New York program that will relocate homeless families. Since January 2019, we find former New Yorkers who live in New Jersey in homes without heat, electricity and infested with rodents. It was the forgotten families who were relocated from New York to private shelters outside the five districts as part of SOTA, the Special One Time Assistance program. The SOTA program pays one year`s rent for legitimate Department of Hospitality Services (DHS) clients to move within New York City, to other districts in New York State, or to another state, Puerto Rico or Washington, D.C. Sota can be consulted by households with a recurring income from employment, supplementary income (SSI) or social security disability (SSD) and a rent that does not exceed 50% of the current or expected household income.

Click a question or press Enter for a question to view the answer. This FAQ is also available in a printable format. Starting in February 2020, for new SOTA participants, rents will be paid monthly to landlords as part of the SOTA program. The Special One-Time Assistance (SOTA) program offers legitimate Hospitality Services (DHS) customers a one-year rent to move in or out of New York City. For more information about SOTA, click here. The way the program has worked is that New York Pays Annual Rent in Advance to landlords here and across the country. This made it easy for some owners to take the money and walk. But now CBS2 has learned that owners are only paid every month. CBS2`s Lisa Rozner talked about the change with some former SOTA beneficiaries, and they agreed it was a good idea. But they said monthly payments still don`t stop landlords from providing low-quality housing. “Look, we`re open to changes in the program,” Banks said.

In accordance with the terms of the SOTA rental agreement, the lessor is required to inform HRA within 5 working days of obtaining that the tenant has left the unit and to return all funds that go beyond the customer`s residence. If the funds are not returned, the City will continue the legal means of reimbursement. Tenants must also immediately inform DSS if they leave the unit before the end of the SOTA period. “More than 5,000 households have secured affordable housing through this program – just one of the resources we offer to families in need as part of our comprehensive, multi-track approach to helping Homeless New Yorkers get back on their feet.


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