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Staging Agreement Template

Our comprehensive contract, as well as all forms, agreements, checklists, etc., which we use in our own company, are included in the specialized Staging Design Professional course™. The reason I decided to combine them is that 99% of the time I would need in the end to sign an empty home-staging contract to busy customers. After fine-tuning some of their rooms, they had to rent some art, or a sofa, carpets, etc. that required a free contract. The home-staging process is multi-layered. There are a few steps before you actually start staging a house to sell. The first visit on site, then the provision of customers with a proposal to welcome, and if they accept the proposal, that is, when the home contracts are sent. I use two separate contracts at home to have. A staging for the hand at home occupied, the guests live in the house, and I would do well to put the rooms in place. Then a contract for the vacancy. A few years ago, I simplified and combined them. Simply click on the image below to get the home-staging contract. Maybe your first home contract was near Cave-Man Refinement — something like, “I`m directing.

You`re paying for it. You may have done it with a handshake. With each transaction, we all learn a little more and this formulation becomes more precise. Your contract becomes a living document that grows and changes with experience. 1. Always get a signed contract and down payment before you start work. First of all, it is because it is the most important. We can`t stress these points too much!! We don`t even put it on the schedule until we have those two things. That doesn`t just mean you don`t stage without… They don`t plan… You don`t buy… Don`t shoot…

They don`t pack their bags… without having at least one credit card. 3. The house must be clean before staging. NOT construction workers at home from the stage and during the staging. If Home does not meet these requirements, a fee is charged at the value of . . . We are in the business of staging, not janitorial services (unless you decide to add this service). It is not up to us to clean the dust from the fan sheets or wipe the counters before adding accessories. We can`t tell you how many times we`ve been told that the painter “just do a few touch-ups” — not around my white couch! Or my personal fav was when the owner wanted to treat the floors and said they could just move our stuff from the way and go back.

For… No no! If the house is not fully ready, wait until it is before bringing your inventory. Which brings us to the next point: With this insurance offer application form, you can easily make the right offers to your customers, as this insurance offer model gives complete details with the owner`s information to make sure the offer is correct.


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