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Your starting point is our first year exam, known as CAP1. Your training advisor will visit you at least four times a year to assess your apprentice`s progress. 8.1 The Buyer`s representative may, by written notice, order a change, and the Supplier shall make and be bound by such a change.8.2 The costs of any change and any impact on the due date shall be negotiated by the parties before the Supplier makes such change. In the absence of an agreement, the buyer will make an appropriate valuation on the basis of comparable prices and grant the supplier an appropriate extension of the due date if, in the circumstances, the buyer deems it appropriate (act appropriately). 11.4 The Mediator is an independent person who has been the subject of an agreement between the parties from a panel proposed by the President of the Resolution Institute or, in the absence of agreement, a mediator is appointed by the President of the Resolution Institute. . . .


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