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What Agreement Do Mephistopheles And The Lord Make About Faust

If the evil spirit acting as their guilty conscience refers to a disturbing presence that frightens them (“under your heart”), what is it talking about? The choir sings the famous first lines of TheDies Irae, the traditional song that describes the Day of Judgment and is sung during funeral mass. What is the connection between his words and Gretchen? [Dies iræ, dies illa,/Solvet sæclum in favila; Day of anger, the day when the world will dissolve into ashes; Judex ergo sedebit,/Quidquid latet adparebit,/Nil inultum remanebit; Thus, when the judge takes his place, everything that has been hidden will appear, nothing will go unpunished; Quid sum miser tunc dicturus?/Quem patronum rogaturus?/Cum vix justus sit securus; What can I say, miserable? Who should I ask to beg me when the righteous will hardly be safe?] Mephistopheles sets the tone for their entire relationship by sarcastically saluting Faust and belittling his abilities; but according to the traditions of the phantom incantation, he is in real danger of being controlled if his intended victim can only identify his name.


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